Carl Fredrik Sammeli


In 2012, Carl Fredrik moved to South Africa with his family and donated funds and expertise to an organisation called Khaya Lam, which helped township property owners to clean up their title deeds. Having seen the empowering effect owning land can have and in an effort to create a more sustainable, scalable impact, he founded Bitprop in 2019 as an entrepreneurial and innovative way to create true value and upliftment by providing ownership and income to those without it.


Carl Fredrik Sammeli has founded or invested in several companies within technology, healthcare, strategy, marketing, advertising and digital communication. He is most known for founding the PR agency, Prime, in Sweden – the world's most awarded agency by Cannes Lions (‘World Cup’ in advertising) over the period 2010-2021. Today, he works as an investor and advisor with early-stage entrepreneurs, family offices, family-owned businesses and investment companies. In addition to Bitprop, he is the founder of Sammeli Investment & Advisory, and a sponsor of APAC, the second SPAC to launch in Sweden. His track record of 30 years experience in entrepreneurship, sales, strategy, crisis management, public affairs, regulatory affairs, marketing and communication includes 2 failures and 7 successes, with the most successful providing a return of 1200+ times invested capital. Carl Fredrik has been ranked as the 85th most influential person in Sweden.