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Playing our part in creating a brighter future.

The world is facing a large-scale unemployment and land distribution problem. While the work that governments and NGOs do to solve these issues is crucial, their capacity is limited. We believe that good-natured entrepreneurship offers a faster, grassroots, more sustainable and empowering route to addressing these issues. That’s why, in early 2019, Bitprop was founded.

By enabling landowners to turn their properties into income-generating assets that have long-term value, individuals can create a reliable pension or inheritance for children using their previously inaccessible land asset. Bitprop’s proof of concept (2019-2020) in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, showed that the model works and can be taken across Africa and beyond.

Our impact is direct.

Since 2019, Bitprop has worked very closely with homeowners, builders, contractors and tenants, collaborating to implement, grow and improve what we do. We work with homeowners on property management training, with our contractors on ensuring each build follows architectural guidelines and meets quality expectations, and with our service providers to deliver quick, responsive and effective maintenance across our properties. We encounter amazing people every day and enage in very rewarding work which has a tangible impact.

Entrepreneurial and looking for alternative work, rather than a traditional firm

Looking for your first work experience or need to get on-the-ground exposure

Looking for freedom to create and learn

Interested in solving scaling problems in innovative ways

Hoping to have direct impact on the company's operations

Looking to work in something meaningful and fast-paced that will provide a great start to your career

Innovation and collaboration – we work together to find intelligent solutions to complex problems, while also driving proactive innovation in our business practices.

Freedom with a high level of responsibility – we strive for a consistently high standard of execution; as long as that’s achieved you’re free to be your own person.

Meritocracy above hierarchy - we’re all human, so don’t be afraid to ask for help and manage upwards. Honest feedback is the key to growing as individuals, as well as a group.

Passion and a doing-good-is-good-for-business attitude – we work to drive real socio-economic impact, but we’re also running a business. They’re not mutually exclusive practices.

Investing in our employees – we want you to feel secure and comfortable to share your dreams and ambitions with us, so we can work together to achieve them. We think long term.

Life in the office.

Bitprop’s office in the centre of Cape Town is the hub for the behind-the-scenes work needed to make Bitprop’s impact possible. Here, we have lots of people working very hard to benefit our homeowners, builders and tenants - from processing applications and planning construction, to handling maintenance calls and administering rental. Our team has a high energy level to match the fast-paced environment we operate in. With innovation as our guiding principle, a sense of vision unites our team - clarity on where we are going, and creative innovation helping us get there!