Our nearest-term impact goals.

Building greener properties.

Eco/green concrete is a composite material in which recycled waste is the main ingredient. The mixture requires less energy and uses fewer natural resources in production than traditional concrete. It also produces less carbon dioxide and has superior thermal, acoustic and durability qualities. Bitprop began construction of its first eco concrete property in May 2022 using two local suppliers, Environlite and Resin8, for the green building materials.

Painting equipment

Environlite is one of the most reputable green building suppliers in South Africa. It specialises in the production of composite, lightweight concrete blocks that consist of recycled, expanded polystyrene waste that is sourced from landfills. Environlite also produces green rib and block flooring options that Bitprop will use in its build. The products are SABS-approved and Environlite is a member of the Green Building Council South Africa.

Resin8 is an inert, hybrid mineral polymer made up of granulated plastic waste that is treated in a waterless process and used as an aggreagate in concrete mixes. The mix requires less water and sand, reducing strain on natural resources. It also provides superior compression strength, flexibility, fire resilience, thermal resistance and accoustic properties. Bitprop will use Resin8 in its foundations, minimising the consumption of resources during the construction process. Resin8 exceeds international benchmarks for material performance.

Rental management made simple, transparent and trustworthy

For most township residents, rental payments are still done in cash. As a result, there is no system of accounting, and both homeowners and tenants are left without protection. Bitprop has already improved on this by providing homeowners and tenants with a standard template that covers everything from lease agreements to monthly payments. We hold deposits and collect rent centrally, before disbursing to homeowners each month. By centralising the management of rent payments, Bitprop ensures that all is accounted for. Homeowners and tenants are safeguarded - rent is paid in a timely manner, and all deposits are fairly reimbursed. 

In partnership with our counterparts in Johannesburg - Indlu - Bitprop will roll out an online digitised payment system over the next few months. The system will generate unique payment links for each apartment, enabling tenants to pay online, either via eft or cash at money market counters at large supermarkets. 

This system will significantly benefit all stakeholders by improving the efficiency of the rent management process. Not only will tenants be able to view their rent transactions and deposit balances online, but their rent payments will also count positively towards their credit scores. Homeowners will have access to an up-to-date ledger of rent receipts and deposit payouts. Introducing automation into the management of these finances will alleviate one of the largest administrative hurdles, and is a critical requirement to scale. 

Bitprop Foundation

As outlined in the most recent Impact Report, Bitprop’s work significantly impacts multiple stakeholders. But this is only the beginning. The avenues to extend our impact are endless - however, many of them go beyond the scope of our own operations. We have established a presence in the areas in which we build which has put us in the unique position to reach even more community members who can benefit.

Through our networks, we are able to attract investment that can be used to create immeasurable benefit for the broader community. To better facilitate this, we are in the process of launching the Bitprop Foundation - a means for wider investment opportunities to achieve a broader array of objectives around our communities. There are a number of projects the Bitprop Foundation can begin with, one of which is a 'greenification' initiative.

Many of the areas in which Bitprop builds are arid expanses of sand and concrete, with little to no vegetation. This is partially due to the natural terrain, but is also the result of a lack of investment and community involvement in the green development of these neighborhoods. The Bitprop Foundation will source investment to be allocated to the planting of trees, as well as other plant life suited to these environments. Doing so will enable us to broaden our impact from singular properties to entire streets. In conjunction, the Foundation will develop and run a maintenance training programme, providing community members with a chance to earn an income by tending to the plants. Besides the aesthetic appeal and improved air quality, research has shown that having greenery in one’s surroundings has a positive effect on health and well-being – boosting moods, relieving stress, and enhancing cognitive functions. As such, to complement our work in improving the quality of life in impoverished areas, we have garnered support for the initiative with our investors.