We enable financial independence by partnering with homeowners to turn them into property entrepreneurs.

Playing our part in creating a brighter future.

The world is facing a large-scale unemployment and land distribution problem. While the work that governments and NGOs do to solve these issues is crucial, their capacity is limited. We believe that good-natured entrepreneurship offers a faster, grassroots, more sustainable and empowering route to addressing these issues. That’s why, in early 2019, Bitprop was founded.

By enabling landowners to turn their properties into income-generating assets that have long-term value, individuals can create a reliable pension or inheritance for children using their previously inaccessible land asset. Bitprop’s proof of concept (2019-2020) in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, showed that the model works and can be taken across Africa and beyond.


Empowering township homeowners to build long-term income security.

With scalable technology, Bitprop aims to help millions of property owners become entrepreneurs and manage sustainable income streams that will benefit their families for years to come. The homeowner provides the land, and Bitprop provides the investment to develop rent-generating apartments, behind the homeowner’s house. By sharing the rental income over a fixed period, the partnership provides the homeowner with an immediate stable revenue stream.

For Homeowners


Submit your application to Bitprop for our team to assess


We review and sign our 10 year partnership agreement


We build our standard flats on your property, which
takes 10-12 weeks

Rent out

For 10 years, 85% rent goes to Bitprop and 15% to you. We provide maintenance, insurance and guidance

Collaboration ends

After 10 years, our partnership comes to an end and all rental income goes to you

For Investors

Reach out

Get in contact
with our team

Schedule meeting

In-person or virtual meeting to go through the details

Site visit

A guided property tour with our team

Invest capital

Invest into the
Bitprop Fund

Receive ROI

Your preference shares distribute returns after 10 years

Some Bitprop good-to-knows

Bitprop manages and oversees the building process, partnering with local contractors in the process.

Once construction has been completed, we provide homeowners with assistance to manage their property.

All tenants pay directly to Bitprop. We pay homeowners their portion on a monthly basis.