Transforming homeowners
into property entrepreneurs


We partner with township property owners to turn unutilised spaces into successful micro-businesses.

The homeowner provides the land, and Bitprop delivers the investment and operating model to develop rental units behind the homeowner’s house. By sharing the rental income over a fixed period, the homeowner earns an immediate, sustainable revenue stream and Bitprop’s investors earn a return on their investment.

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Turning empty backyards into
sustainable businesses.

The impact

We support communities and empower them to build brighter futures for themselves.

Active rental units
Construction jobs created
Increase in average property value
Average increase in income
five years of impact

Transforming Township Homeowners Into Property Entrepreneurs:
2023/24 Impact Report

Playing our part in creating a brighter future.

The world is facing a large-scale unemployment and land distribution problem. While the work that governments and NGOs do to solve these issues is crucial, their capacity is limited. We believe that good-natured entrepreneurship offers a faster, grassroots, more sustainable and empowering route to addressing these issues. That’s why, in early 2019, Bitprop was founded.

By enabling landowners to turn their properties into income-generating assets that have long-term value, individuals can create a reliable pension or inheritance for children using their previously inaccessible land asset. Bitprop’s proof of concept (2019-2020) in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, showed that the model works and can be taken across Africa and beyond.

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Impact Report

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