Brittany Newton

Project Manager

Brittany joined the team in 2022 and has experience in the spheres of architecture, design and project management. She works closely with all members of the team in an effort to drive growth and efficiency in all areas of operations, manage communications and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Brittany completed her Masters in Architecture at the University of Pretoria and studied abroad to further specialise in Humanitarian Architecture. She has worked on an array of projects ranging from private residences and commercial developments to mine infrastructure. She is extremely passionate about the field of sustainable development and has a deep desire to be a part of the solution for social and environmental issues. She believes that an intervention should respond to, benefit, and improve both the community and the environment in which it finds itself. Her interests are towards sustainable, environmentally and economically practical solutions, as well as community upliftment and self-sustainability on a micro and macro scale.