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Bitprop Impact Report 2020/2021
Bitprop enables large scale investment into small scale property development by providing the platform to enable and support small property entrepreneurs at a macro scale. Using a sustainable investment model and a tailored property management process, Bitprop creates assets and rental income for those that need it most.

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The quest for property rights in the developing world

The Economist’s piece on property rights in Africa, for which they visited Bitprop on site, was discussed on The Intelligence, Economist Radio's daily podcast. Listen here to the full discussion and to hear from our lovely homeowner, Louisa Qangiso, who featured in the written piece too!

Whose land?

Editor’s Picks, another podcast of Economist Radio, also spoke about the importance of property rights in developing countries, following the piece “Whose Land?”, which featured in the Leader’s section of The Economist and was the cover story for the Middle East and Africa print.

Claire du trevou, bitprop's head architect, on cape talk's afternoon drive with john maytham

Cape Talk & 702: Early Breakfast with Africa Melane

Our Head Architect, Claire du Trevou, speaks to Cape Talk and 702's Africa Melane about facilitating the development of affordable housing infrastructure and managing the financial returns of investors and homeowners.

$9,3 trillion and Counting: Micro-finance and citybuilding: the future forAfrica’s housing market?

Currently making a dent in the housing market in Cape Town, Bitprop’s mission is to create assets and income streams for underdeveloped markets through the upscaling of backyard rental properties. Innovative thinking, technology and securing title deeds are also key approaches they employ to make a dent into the 65 Million housing units required across Africa at a cost of $10 trillion.

The Private Property Podcast: In Conversation with bitprop


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