Role type:
September 2022
Full-time / part-time
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Project Manager for Growth

Bitprop is seeking a self-motivated person to grow our brand and drive our marketing!

Job position overview

Job description

Bitprop is seeking a Project Manager for Growth to drive growth across all areas as our team grows and we scale our operations. You will work in multiple departments including marketing and general operations, managing project implementation and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations of ongoing functions. You will work closely with the marketing and operational managers and will have a significant impact on taking Bitprop’s communications and internal operations from start-up to scale-up level.

Key responsibilities

  • Get involved across the board with tasks and projects across the company, ensuring smooth operations and picking up tasks where extra input is required
  • Oversee projects that connect different operational areas of Bitprop, such as the handover from construction to rental management, and the communication involved during that process
  • Oversee day-to-day operations within marketing department of Bitprop in conjunction with Bitprop’s marketing manager
  • Organise and run events including site visits and other PR-type events that market Bitprop’s brand to all stakeholders
  • Liaise with PR representatives to meet internal targets for local and international ‘top lists’, media publications
  • Run specific marketing projects such as ‘green build’ documentation, homeowner profiles, scheduling journalists and videographers on site
  • Engage with people, brands and organisations online across broader sphere to increase general awareness of Bitprop
  • Work to ensure cohesion in communication and operations in the Bitprop office as the team grows

Qualifications and experience required

  • About to graduate or a recent graduate (1-2 years)
  • A degree in marketing, business or similar would be ideal, but your experience is more important
  • A good grasp of written and verbal brand communication
  • Experience in an internship or similar would be beneficial, particularly in project management, marketing or similar
  • Self-driven and comfortable in a high-paced but flexible work environment  
  • Based in Cape Town and can travel to our office in the CBD


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