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Systems Manager

You will work with our operations manager and finance manager to understand internal processes and work to develop and optimise how we work

Job position overview

Job description

As Bitprop scales, we need to ensure that we are able to deliver the same value to our stakeholders. We need you to help drive the development of our internal systems growth so that we are consistent in what we provide. You will work with our operations manager and finance manager to understand internal processes and work to develop and optimise how we work as we scale.

Key responsibilities

  • Assume responsibility both for suggesting direction of IT infrastructure development and for actually executing this development and maintenance
  • Oversee the growth of Bitprop's overall technology system for internal and external operations
  • Ongoing improvements to system efficiency and provide recommendations for future improvements
  • Onboard new employees onto the internal system and ensure fluid communication infrastructure exists throughout company as it grows
  • Administer Bitprop's monthly rent roll, keeping track of all rent and deposit payments and reconciling these with our tenant and property database
  • Maintain consistency of payment and account data on Bitprop's internal system and dashboards
  • Liaise with Homeowner Manager to assist tenants with accessing payment links and customising deposit payment plans
  • Ensure homeowner payments are disbursed correctly
  • Load new Bitprop properties onto the rental system and disburse payment links to Bitprop agents and homeowners
  • Work with marketing team to link rental adverts to application and payment process for potential tenants

Qualifications and experience required

  • Very good general IT skills and an awareness of the latest developments in computational technology and communication platforms, or excellent at teaching yourself how to implement tech solutions  
  • A good understanding of the Microsoft 365 platform and all of its apps, including its automation capabilities
  • General knowledge of internal automation of workflows
  • An understanding of the setup and workflow of general CRM platforms would be very helpful
  • Knowledge of programming languages ideal and the ability to learn their basics quickly if and when required
  • Good communication skills (telephonic and text-based)
  • Good with numbers and calculations
  • Very organised and have a high capacity for administration
  • Ability to manage multiple schedules and tasks at once
  • Able to think on the spot and make informed decisions without consultation when required
  • Self-driven and comfortable in a high-paced but flexible work environment  
  • Based in Cape Town and can travel to our office in the CBD

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