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Graduate Software Developer

Bitprop is seeking a Graduate Software Developer to help expand its impact to more homeowners and tenants.

Job position overview

Job description

Bitprop is seeking a Graduate Software Developer to help expand its impact to more homeowners and tenants. Bitprop has bootstrapped itself from the ground up on its mission to create significant impact for people who need it. We’ve moved from paper, to spreadsheets, to a hybrid of various systems. Now, at 500 rental units across more than 80 properties, you will be the first dedicated software dev and will be critical to expanding our impact to many more homeowners across multiple locations. Your work will span all parts of the business and will provide you with a great opportunity to put your theoretical skills to the test. You’ll have the chance to help everyone in the organisation by improving what’s already there and by creating various solutions from scratch. We value quick, functional solutions over lengthy, product-perfect development. Work quickly, fail fast and learn a lot with strong entrepreneurial and career guidance around you. Don’t know how to solve a problem? Get help from others, research yourself and learn through implementing quickly.

If you are right for the role, you will value seeing your implementations business-tested in real-time. Working in a small, impact-oriented company, your work will immediately have a very significant positive impact on how well we are able to do our work on the ground. You will work under the guidance of business managers and have lots of career development input, but not necessarily much software development guidance - we are learning/building our systems together and this will be a great environment for you to put your theoretical training into practice. You will have exposure to multiple areas of development (no specialisation), and the freedom to pursue development of modules/functions that are fun for you to build and relevant for the business’s growth.

Key responsibilities

·      Participate in key strategic decision making about system development

·      Provide ongoing system maintenance and improvement of existing setup

·      Upgrade current system to enhance quality, efficiency and readability

·      Address all bugs and make fixes quickly to ensure good system performance

·      Manage our internal web app interface and database links

·      Implement WhatsApp communication functions to issue statements, payment information and other communications with homeowners and tenants

·      Create live dashboards based on various parts of the construction and rental management process

·      Conceptualise and create chatbot integration into our WhatsApp communications towards landlords and tenants

·      Provide ongoing IT assistance to team

·      Maintain appropriate level of security for sensitive personal and financial information

·      Liaise with various technical solution partners on day-to-day operations to ensure smooth functioning

Qualifications and experience required

·      Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering or related filed

·      No specific programming language expertise required – but a broad understanding of syntax and structure of Python, Javascript, html, CSS and SQL is ideal. If you’ve developed novel side projects or class assignments using these or other tech stack elements, please share with us in the application form!

·      Cape Town-based, in office most days – off Kloof Street in Gardens, Cape Town

·      Very flexible, comfortable with lack of structure

·      Creative thinking, ability to find solutions without direct guidance - you will be the first dedicated person to this area of the business and may be the most knowledgeable in certain areas - this is part of the appeal, but also the challenge

·      A quick learner – you don’t need to be an expert yet in any of these areas, but you should be able to diagnose problems and find (hack) solutions quickly


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