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Content Manager

Bitprop is seeking a content manager to take responsibility for the growth and development of our communication channels.

Job position overview

Job description

Bitprop is seeking a content manager to take responsibility for the growth and development of our communication channels. You will work with closely with the marketing department, and will spend time on-site capturing the stories of our homeowners and other stakeholders. You will play an integral part in establishing Bitprop’s communication strategies as we scale, bringing the heart-warming, unique and fascinating stories we encounter every day to the world.

Key responsibilities

  • Follow our team, meet our stakeholders, interview homeowners, and be creative. Find the stories worth telling and put them together to tell the world
  • Create content and publish it to increase broad exposure to the Bitprop concept amongst all stakeholders  
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy that is consistent with Bitprop’s vision, marketing strategy and stakeholder mix, including purpose, style, content, frequency, targets and measuring strategies  
  • Professionalise social media presence so that it portrays consistent design and content messaging and is an asset to Bitprop’s overall vision
  • Engage with people, brands and organisations online across broader sphere to increase general awareness of Bitprop  
  • Keep website updated and accurate with latest content as well as create website-specific content such as case studies and insights articles
  • Maintain design and communication consistency across touchpoints, both internally and externally
  • Manage all content internally (storage, indexing, updating and displaying)  
  • Develop internal dashboard with metrics for measuring social media traffic and performance
  • Assist internally with graphic design jobs such as pitch deck changes, image creation and document design in line with Bitprop design standards  

Qualifications and experience required

  • A degree in marketing would be ideal, but your experience is more important  
  • Ideally some experience with social media management, both strategically and creatively, either personally or with other brands
  • Some experience with content creation across any format, demonstrating a link to brand/marketing strategy if possible
  • Demonstrated writing skills for social media and/or other published content, either personally or for another brand/organisation
  • Demonstrated visual creativity and design skills – I.e., you can envision good content out in the field, capture it yourself and package it aesthetically for social media and/or other reports
  • Self-driven and comfortable in a high-paced but flexible work environment
  • Based in Cape Town and can travel to our office in the CBD

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Short-listed candidates will be contacted within one week of the closing date and the next steps will be communicated.