Eric Malotana

Homeowner Acquisition Manager

Since late 2021, Eric has worked with Bitprop to find, train and assist homeowners on their journey with Bitprop. Eric’s long-term relationships with homeowners takes them from eager applicants to functioning entrepreneurs. He helps potential homeowners understand whether Bitprop is the right choice for them, and how to apply. During construction, he works with them on landlord training, and once the flats are ready, he helps them recruit and onboard tenants so that their businesses get off to a good start.


Eric has worked in housing for many years, including with government-owned companies, as well as the Department of Human Settlements. His work has included conducting training in conveyancing and other property legal concepts, property development, sectional title scheme management, tenant services management and oversight of residential rentals. Eric studied Real Estate Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and qualified as a project manager.