Abongile Mvukuzo

Construction Manager

Since March 2021, Abongile has monitored the construction process of all Bitprop builds, which involves building a contractor database and selecting contractors for each build, as well as overseeing the construction process from start to finish, ensuring it meets our design and quality requirements. Abongile has also managed Bitprop’s maintenance department, ensuring that Bitprop fulfils its responsibilities of providing quick and good quality maintenance as and when required.



Before working at Bitprop, Abongile worked in the residential sector through an NGO, as well as in a built environment clinic. Here, her portfolio included overseeing alternative housing solutions, as well as assisting emerging contractors with delivering housing projects in Khayelitsha and surrounding areas of Cape Town. Abongile is a registered Candidate Construction Project Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Studies and an Honour’s Degree in Construction Management from the University of Witwatersrand.