Does Bitprop build according to council regulations?

Yes, all our properties are built according to full council regulations.

Who does Bitprop use to construct?

Bitprop partners with a number of local companies and contractors to complete the building process. You will not be directly involved with the construction company, as Bitprop will oversee and manage the construction process. You will only need to provide them with access to your property for the duration of the construction process.

What type of flats can I have built by Bitprop?

We are currently only building bachelor flats, but in the future, we would like to explore 1 or 2-bedroom flats, as well as mixed-use options.

How long does the construction process take?

Once construction begins, the process takes between 6 and 8 weeks, although delays can sometimes occur due to bad weather or protests.

How many flats does Bitprop build on a property?

We have a standard building design that we use on every property, so the number of flats we build depends on how many of those ‘standard’ flats will fit on your property. Our properties range between 4 and 8 flats, depending on the space available.